The Cure for
Feline Hyperthyroidism is here... A one shot deal!

 One injection of Radioiodine (I-131) is all it takes! The I-131 is absorbed into and destroys only the thyroid tumor -- wherever its location -- in roughly 98-99% of cats after just one injection. By law, this therapy requires a clinic stay of less than one week but does NOT require anesthesia; does NOT affect healthy thyroid tissue, the neighboring parathyroid glands, or have any harmful side effects. Your cat's thyroid function should become normal within one month, and should not require thyroid supplementation. Our treatment plan includes a review of records, x-ray interpretation; I-131 injection; daily monitoring (with as much love and care as we can safely give); feeding and hospitalization. Following discharge, we will still be involved in your cat's health via discussions with you and a review of your cat's post treatment test results with your referring veterinarian.

  • This is a disease of older cats. Radiocat® regularly treats cats as old as 20...
  • We have successfully treated over 21,000 cats.

Your cat's hospitalization
Your cat must reach the safe and legal level of radiation release (less than a week) before coming home (often harder for the owner than the cat).  While we are waiting for the radiation levels to decline a specially trained Radiocat staff member will be caring for your cat.  During this time they will have access to a veterinarian should the need arise.  We make every effort to make our feline guests as happy as possible. We limit their numbers to allow us to spend more time with each one. Our wards are large, airy, bright and comfortable. We can arrange to play special music or audiotapes of your voice for your cat, and have a TV/VCR complete with a library of "Kitty Videos". Toys and blankets are welcome (but not returnable). We'll work with you in determining a menu of your cat's favorite dishes, and take great pride in caring for and loving your pet in your absence. Daily progress reports on your cat are available.

Post-Treatment care
After your cat is released, we ask that you take two weeks of some basic, common sense safety precautions primarily regarding your cat's litter box output (we'll give you detailed written instructions along with a litter disposal kit). You'd probably receive more radiation from an extended flight or a day at the beach than you'll get from your cat once it's released, so it does NOT need to be isolated from you, your family and other pets, but it must stay indoors. Limiting (NOT halting) snuggling with your cat, and washing your hands after prolonged close contact is recommended. We'll help you figure out ways to accommodate these small changes in your daily routine. The potential risk to owners is extremely remote as regulations for using I-131 are much stricter for animals than for people, but we recommend pregnant women not participate in the cat's care during these two weeks. After two weeks, simply return to your normal pet-care and pet-loving routine!

A One Shot Deal... One injection of Radioiodine (I-131) is all it takes!

  • Experts agree: treatment of choice
  • More cost effective
  • Eliminates daily pilling
  • Does NOT require anesthesia
  • Does NOT affect healthy thyroid tissue
  • Does NOT damage any other tissue or organs, including the parathyroid glands
  • Does NOT have any harmful side effects
  • Destroys thyroid tumors wherever their location
  • Returns thyroid function to normal usually within one month




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