Doctors & Staff

Dr. David S. Herring is a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist who believes the pet's best interests are paramount & that the treatment should never be worse than the disease. He received advanced training in diagnostic ultrasound, echocardiography, radiography, and nuclear medicine; and taught at Texas A&M and The Ohio State University. In 1985, he moved to the Baltimore-Washington area, where he was the first veterinarian to offer abdominal ultrasound and, in 1995,
I-131 therapy.

Dr. Rand S. Wachsstock is a graduate of The University of Illinois. Dr. Wachsstock taught both there & at Yale University. He has actively practiced emergency medicine since 1984 and believes comprehensive state-of-the-art medical care should be readily available to all pets. He owns & operates the Springfield Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Springfield, Virginia.

Drs. Herring & Wachsstock are co-founders of Radiocat , a veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of feline hyperthyroidism with practice locations in Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, San Mateo CA, Middletown CT, Wilmington DE, Estero FL, Atlanta GA, Arlington Hights IL, Indianapolis IN, Baltimore MD,  Waltham MA, St. Louis, MO, White Plains NY, Pittsburgh PA, Greenville SC and Springfield VA.

Clients bringing their pets in for therapy will speak to and meet several Radiocat staff along the way. A cooperative working arrangement means that staff may fill in for one another based on need and weekend relief duties.

Each clinic, client, and patient is served by several Radiocat staff members whose responsibilities range from client education to technician or "surrogate mom." Although some overlap may occasionally occur, each client educator is dedicated to one clinic.

These are the people that spend time educating clients about hyperthyroidism, and discussing individual case histories, treatment options, statistics and success rates, procedures, philosophy of care, radiation safety, and so on. They also coordinate the request for, and receipt of, pre-therapy blood work from each patient’s referring veterinarian, shepherd the blood work and histories through a review by our doctors, schedule appointments, and generally take care of each client’s needs. Most of our client educators are trained veterinary technicians and/or have some other medical background (i.e. Emergency Medical Technician training, nursing school, etc.).

Each Radiocat technician has extensive experience in the veterinary field, and receives additional training in dealing with geriatric patients, radioiodine therapy, and radiation safety. Radiocat technicians ("surrogate moms") are also assigned to individual Radiocat clinics where they admit, care for, and release each patient after treatment. In addition, they provide owners with daily progress reports, make sure each patient’s dietary restrictions and preferences are followed, cuddle patients, make sure patients receive (and swallow) medication for pre-existing conditions, play owner audiotapes and kitty videos, prepare and serve gourmet buffet plates.

Our technicians and client educators - all of whom are multi-pet owners themselves - work closely with Radiocat doctors, who supervise the care and treatment of each case, as well as provide on-going training and information on hyperthyroidism. Obviously, our doctors cannot be everywhere at once, so each clinic also has 24-hour access to a veterinarian/specialist in the immediate vicinity.

If, in the highly unlikely event that a patient needs medical care during their stay in the radiation ward, the on-site technician notifies Drs. Herring and Wachsstock, as well as the nearby veterinarian/specialist (who provides a second pair of skilled eyes and ears for each case). Radiocat doctors will either supervise or travel to directly care for every patient’s needs.

On-Call Doctors

The Doctors listed below have received special training from Radiocat and actively participate in the care of our patients. Their training has been reviewed and accepted by either the State Regulatory Agency or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission where applicable.

Arizona - Dr. Stephen Gilson. Dr. Gilson is a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, and owns Sonora Veterinary Specialists, which hosts our Arizona Radiocat clinic.

California - Dr. Peter Slusser, Dr. Heidi McClain and Dr. Diane Roberts. Dr. Peter Slusser, at our San Diego facility is a Board Certified Internist with many years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders. Drs. Heidi McClain and Diane Roberts, at our San Mateo facility are both Board Certified Internists.

Connecticut - Dr. Mark Albin. Dr. Albin is a general practitioner at the Pieper-Olson Veterinary Hospital which hosts our Connecticut Radiocat clinic.

Delaware - Dr. Michael Miller. Dr. Michael Miller is a Board Certified Veterinary Practitioner who some of you may know from his long association with Cardiopet. He operates a cardiology referral service within the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware which hosts our Delaware Radiocat clinic.

Florida- Drs. David S. Herring and Rand S. Wachsstock co-founders of Radiocat

Georgia - Dr. Byron Hawkins and Dr. Jerry Fitzgerald. Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Fitzgerald are Emergency Clinicians in the greater Atlanta area.

Illinois - Dr. Bob Esbensen and Dr. Mark Biehl. Dr. Bob Esbensen is a Board Certified Veterinary Practitioner, and Dr. Mark Biehl is a general practitioner in the Chicago area.

Indiana - Dr. John Stephan. Dr. Stephan is a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, and an owner of the Indianapolis Veterinary Specialists the host of our Indianapolis clinic.

Maryland - Dr. David Herring is based at Veterinary Imaging, the site of our Maryland clinic.

Massachusetts - Dr. Lori Hartzband. Dr. Lori Hartzband is a Board Certified Radiologist with extensive experience in both diagnostic imaging and radioiodine therapy.

Missouri- Dr. Jeff Vemmer.  Dr. Jeff Vemmer, the host of our St. Louis clinic, is an emergency clinician and the medical director at the Animal Emergency Clinic.

New York - Dr. Pat Hopper. Dr. Pat Hopper is a Board Certified Internist with many years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders.

Pennsylvania - Dr. James Beebe. Dr. James Beebe is a general practitioner who has accepted surgical referral cases for many years. He is the owner of the Northview Animal Hospital which hosts our Pittsburgh Radiocat clinic.

South Carolina: – Dr. Dermot Jevens is a Board Certified Surgeon and owner of Upstate Veterinary Specialists, which hosts our South Carolina Radiocat clinic.

Virginia – Dr. Rand Wachsstock is based at the Regional Veterinary Referral Center, the site of our Virginia clinic.





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