Hyperthyroidism, caused by a benign tumor of the thyroid gland, is the most common endocrine  disease of older cats. Used in veterinary medicine, Radioiodine (I-131) therapy cures 98-99% cases of feline hyperthyroidism without adverse side-effects (only 2% of cases involve pets with a malignant tumor, or cancer of the thyroid).

   Dr. David S. Herring and Dr. Rand S. Wachsstock are co-founders of Radiocat® , a veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of feline hyperthyroidism with practice locations in: Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, San Mateo CA, Middletown CT, Wilmington DE, Estero FL, Atlanta GA, Arlington Heights IL, Indianapolis IN, Baltimore MD, Waltham MA, St. Louis, MO, White Plains NY, Pittsburgh PA, Greenville SC and Springfield VA.



Section 1: General Overview of Services and Philosophy
Section 2: Professional Page (for the veterinarian)
Section 3: Doctors and Staff
Section 4: Radioiodine Therapy (I-131) A One Shot Deal
Section 5: Medical Treatment
Section 6: Surgical Treatment
Section 7: Hospital Locations and Phone Numbers


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