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Posted by Rebecca on April 12, 2002 at 14:04:12:

two of the most important peopel in my life are strugglign with annxiety and deroession in recovery , one she had 10 yrs was on a benzo and relspsed the other I fear may NEED a benzo to cease panic/agoraphobia as it ias efefctign his visitation with is small children as well as the rest of his life. I am sober 6 years and concerned about benzo's and when and IF any DR Agree with NOT prescribign them at aLl costs to alcoholics OR can soem in recovery USe a benzo such as Xanex or klonipin and not be feelignthe urge for MORe adn to drink or abuse them? Please help I am searchign everywhere for protocol. My best girlferiend is now detroxin off valium after many switches off meds, and my live in boyfreind is becoming intolerable and I am not sure what to suggest as he has responded well initially to Wellbutrin but not helping his sever /insane panic attacks pre- anythign other than work. I would liek to get some advice befoer I speak to his Dr next week.

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