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Note that the number of animations currently available is relatively small. Animations come from the EuroAsiaSoftware animation project.

Links for Learning to Draw Chinese Characters

EuroAsiaSoftware Chinese Dictionary with stroke order animations. Help them create more animations.
Animated Chinese Characters
Characters with Animation
University of Southern California Learn Chinese Characters Page
Write Chinese Characters
Wenlin Chinese Learning Software
Chinese Calligraphy
Basics Concepts of Chinese Characters
Ideographic Description Characters
Write Chinese v.2 for Java-enabled Browsers: Test your knowledge of character stroke orders
Writing Chinese Characters
Character Description Language: An XML application for describing Han (CJKV) characters
Practice for Order of Chinese Characters
eStroke Animated Chinese Characters
Calligraphy Education Group
Dragon Char: Character learning software for the Palm.
Wikimedia Chinese stroke order project
Taka Kanji Database

Books for Learning Stroke Order

Cheng & Tsui Chinese Character Dictionary: A Guide to the 2,000 Most Frequently-Used Characters (simplified characters)
Reading and Writing Chinese: A Guide to the Chinese Writing System (Traditional Character Edition)
Reading & Writing Chinese: A Comprehensive Guide To The Chinese Writing System (Simplified Character Edition)
Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary (traditional characters)