Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
gàn manage; stem;
幹部 干部 gàn bù a cadre (i.e. manager, staff, officer, etc.);
幹活兒 干活儿 gàn huó er (v) do manual work;
幹將 干将 gàn jiàng capable person;
幹勁 干劲 gàn jìng (n) enthusiasm for doing something;
幹麼 干麽 gàn má why on earth; whatever for;
幹事 干事 gàn shi administrative secretary (in charge of something);
幹細胞 干细胞 gàn xì bāo stem cell;
幹細胞研究 干细胞研究 gàn xì bāo yán jiū stem cell research;
幹線 干线 gàn xiàn (n) main road; primary route;
幹活 干活 gàn huó to work (at a paying job);

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