Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
gān dry;
乾杯 干杯 gān bēi to drink a toast; to propose a toast; here's to; cheers;
乾草 干草 gān cǎo hay;
乾脆 干脆 gān cuì straightforward; clear-cut; simply; might as well;
乾旱 干旱 gān hàn drought; arid; dry;
乾淨 干净 gān jìng clean; neat;
乾枯 干枯 gān kū (adj) withered; dried-up;
乾酪 干酪 gān lào cheese;
乾癬 乾癣 gān xiǎn psoriasis;
乾燥 干燥 gān zào to dry (of paint, cement, etc.); dessication; dull; uninteresting; arid;
qián (surname); male; strong; one of the Eight Trigrams;
乾安 Qián ān (N) Qian'an (place in Jilin);
乾縣 乾县 Qián xiàn (N) Qian county (county in Shaanxi);

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