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Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA - Sciacca Dual Diagnosis
Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA  
city New York  
state/region of coverage National  
program director Kathleen Sciacca  
director phone # 212-866-5935  
referral contacts  
phone # for services 212-866-5935  
program address 299 Riverside Drive
New York
primary care system Dual Diagnosis Services  
program types Community MH
Community CD
Residential MH
Residential CD
Inpatient MH
Inpatient CD
Case Management
Continuous Treatment Teams (ACT/PACT)
Services for the Homeless
Criminal Justice Services
program model Consulting, Training and Program Development for all models and all levels of care.  
client profile All profiels: MICAA, MIDAA, CAMI, MISA, all variations of co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders. Adult and Adolescent services.  
# of clients in DD program  
intervention specifics Provides materials for dual diagnosis treatment and service tracks: screening, engagement, client readiness measures, comprehensive clinical assessment, outcome measures, data collection, phase by phase treatment interventions from  
schedule of services  
frequency of services Short and long term training programs, seminars, workshops and consulting.  
clients on meds allowed yes  
medication provided  
collaborating services  
# of staff for DD clients  
staff prof. disciplines  
program description Consulting and training for the development of dual diagnosis services in the fields of mental health, chemical depenedency, criminal justice and homeless services. Inter-agency program development across systems and services. Motivational Interviewing training included.  
desired clients Programs developed for all profiles of dually diagnosed clients: includes severe persistent mental illness and substance disorders, personality disorders and substance disorders, PTSD and substance disorders, personality disorders, substance induced acute symptoms and substance disorders. Adult and adolescent services.  
funding sources  
forms of payment  
submitter name Kathleen Sciacca  
submitter email ksciacca@ix.netcom.com  
submitter phone # 212-866-5935  
final comments Visit websites: http://pobox.com/~dualdiagnosis, http://www.dualdiagnosisresources.com, http://www.expages.com/kathleensciacca.  
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