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Posted by Anonymous on March 01, 2004 at 14:44:38:
In Reply to: Re: prescription drugs/alcohol posted by John on November 02, 2003 at 14:12:52:

> I was curious about something to do with oxycontin being a controlled substance. I recently was able to easily purchase oxycontin without a prescription on the internet. How is this possible? I thought that aside from it's seriously addictive nature and the fact that it's controlled that there would be no way that this can be possible. they claim they supply only to research facilities but all I had to do was state that I am, indeed, from a research facility and they provided the product. Other people warned me of it being a scam but I was told of this company by someone who already prchased from them so I figured it was worth couple hundred bucks to find out (since I've already lost thousands to other places claiming to be able to provide me with prescription meds). I am shocked that with all the problems going on with this drug that it was so easey for me to obtain. I am just curious about what possible way they are able to do this. ...and if anybody legitimately needs this drug and can't obtain it, you may be able to find help at there website.
> >
> > > My brother, a long-time alcoholic, is recently abusing prescription Oxycontin, and now also using off-market Klondopin. I know mixing any of these substances is extremely dangerous.

> > > I do not know where to begin. Can anyone help?

> > > Thank you.

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