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Posted by anon on January 24, 2004 at 20:51:36:
In Reply to: 23 year old son posted by new jersey on May 27, 2003 at 21:33:06:

>I just looked into a similar program for my son who is 24 and has been diagnosed (in jail) with bipolar disorder. He has ADHD and other related conduct disorders and has severly abused drugs and alcohol since his teens. Anyway, I just spoke with a person from Cazenovia in Erie County. The person said they just finished a new building right next door to their facility (which is located on remote farmland, away from civilization) which is the only one of it's kind and is for treatment of mental/psychiatric disorders in addition to their "long term" inpatient drug and alcohol facility. IT IS ALSO MY UNDERSTANDING THAT THE STATE FACILITIES ARE FREE (UNLESS THE PATIENT HAS AMPLE RESOURCES) IF YOUR SON IS 23, HE IS OF AGE AND YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS MEDICAL BILLS. CHECK OUT THIS CAZENOVIA CENTER NEAR BUFFALO, NEW YORK. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!!

My son has bipolar and suffers from alcholism. He has gone through several treatment centers and two halfway houses. He had done very well in a 70 day treatment program (which we paid for) but has failed after a few days in a halfway house. He needs a long term treatment program. The majority of long term treatment centers are very expensive -- $2000 a month on the average. He is currently unemployed and owes money to creditors. We cannot afford to spend the amount of money required of these centers. Especially since we just paid for his 70 day stay.
> We are in an emergency situation now. He needs a place to go immediately. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? We would appreciate any input.

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