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Posted by ninawit on November 11, 2003 at 19:20:37:

I was diagnosed with hypo-manic depression in 1982. I was also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Not so much the panic type, but the type that makes me want to punch holes in the walls. ( I don't though)
I was on lithium and paxil for along time. But now my body is changing due to pre-menopause. I have know more energy, I am gaining weight, I am depressed for a week and a half out of the month, and the anxiety is getting worse then it ever was.
My doctor wants to start me on a new anti-depressant and stop my paxil.
Many anti-depressants have eithor made my anxiety worse such as prozac, wellbutrin and others made me so tired that I was still depressed.
I need to know about new meds that are now out. that may increase energy, slow down anxiety and decrease depression. Can anyone help? I can't go through another month of this.
Thank you

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