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Posted by viktoria on October 26, 2003 at 11:27:49:
In Reply to: Re: Manic Depression & Meth... posted by L. Townsend on July 27, 2003 at 12:11:51:

My bigger sister is 33 and she is talking things which are about gosts, demons, spirits and saying a friend of meine wants to kill her.And that she heard her suns speak in tongue in his sleep.And that her worker was sent by her mother in law to witch her.And that she could hear his words from his mind even though his mouth was closed.And whatever she dreams she says it is happening.So many things have happned in just one month.But she thinks she is a saint and that god has given her powers.She prays alot.We are in the process of getting to a sachiatrist as soon as possible.She keeps askin how come she saw the gosts and so on.What can this be and any advice for me of how I can tell her that there is soemthing wrong and that she needs helps.She says things like I have no idea about my life because she has forseen my life and that if she toild me I would cry.I have kept away from her because my work is very hectic and I need concentration.But her husband has been coming to me and telling me what happens at home.And he is taking her to south Africa to get help.We live in zambia where such cases are rarely diagnosed.

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