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Posted by Wayne Stockwell on October 16, 2003 at 14:29:13:
In Reply to: no response? posted by Dana on September 28, 2003 at 17:14:03:

> I had posted earlier and maybe I didn't make my message clear, or maybe that's not what this board is for. I'm just looking for info. mainly.

> I know my husband was an alcoholic and still struggle with it, I know he manufactured methamphetamine before we met and they say that my have caused drug induced psychosis, I know they (his docs) also say he may be schizophrenic but they cannot tell because of the prolonged drug use.

> I need to know, now what? He's sitting in a federal medical center (prison) getting a mental health evaluation for a possession of a firearm after prior felony conviction charge that I got him picked up on when I called the police to take him to the crisis center to get him back on his meds. I feel like when we went for help, they went after him for the gun charge. Our county had just received a new grant for prosecuting crimes committed with a firearm. My husband obviously gets to be the first. Even though he was not actually committing a crime, I called for transport only and told them where the gun was. He was totaly delusional and had been having severe auditory and visual hallucinations when this was happening.

> Does anyone have any advice, stories, places to get help or treatment? Anything?

> Dana

Sorry for being blunt. Leave him as fast as you can.

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