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Posted by Bill on September 30, 2003 at 09:16:00:
In Reply to: WHAT IS WORNG WITH HER? posted by Wayne on June 09, 2003 at 13:34:45:

This sounds so very much like my Ex. When we were married she was obsessed with my being unfaithful to her when ever I was out of her sight. Her problems were intensified during post partium periods. I was caught up into how she was so obviously whacked out that I was going around trying to get others to agree with me which did no good at all. Psychologist was attempting to train me in to managing the situation which I was not emotionally strong enough to do. One shrink just told me to leave her and never look back. She is functional like your Ex in that she can hold down a good job. She can be very charismatic at times and does well at sales. She has at least some insight into her condion because at times she acknowledges the possiblity of paranoid thinking. I gave up however, it just was so draining emotionally to have to constantly deal with the problems that she manufactured in her mind that had no basis in reality.

> i have left my wife, after living for the past 3 years with the following.
> Can anyone tell me what this is?
> • She installed security cameras in her office after her last boyfriend was supposedly cheating on her (even though he didn’t drive, and only left to go to work) because the woman he was having sex with was stalking her office and peeking into the windows.
> • After forgetting to call her, told me to “have her daughter pick my clothes out”. (I’m colorblind)
> • Told me about seeing ghosts, red lights circling around the room, fog in the room (another ghost, Said she saw it on a closed circuit video in her office, when asked too see it, said she threw away the video.
> • Accused me of going on a business trip with another female and having sex with her.
> • At her nephews christening, asked me if I was sexually interested in any of the women there, then insisted that I was.
> • Said animals were breaking into the bedroom and making pyramids of nuts on the floor.
> • Accused me of having sex with 2 females who worked for me at previous job.
> • Accused my son of putting soap in her shampoo, (2 years ago) now her hair always hurts.
> • Was extremely upset when my son invited his mother to his college graduation party.
> • Accused me of watching pornography, when we did not get any adult channels.
> • Accused me of having sex in our bedroom with a woman who had her period, but washed the sheets and mattress cover before I got home.
> • Accused my sons of breaking into the house and stealing my clothes.
> • Accused my sons of slicing her socks and pants.
> • Said someone was taking the plastic tips off of her shoelaces.
> • Accused me of looking at other women in her presence.
> • Accused me of kissing my sons girlfriend on the lips, while she was in the bedroom.
> • Asked me if I took a paternity test when my son’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant.
> • Accused me of contracting hepatitis by having sex with my son’s girlfriend. It was Toxic hepatitis from Zocor!
> • Saw red liquid drop from the bedroom ceiling onto her hand.
> • Accused me of having sex with her sister right after we were married.
> • Accused me of letting go of her hand in a store, so I could look at another female.
> • Continually accuses me of having contact with my ex-wife’s.
> • Cannot be home late due to traffic, or inclement weather.
> • When I spend 1-11/2 hours a week with my sons, I am putting her on the bottom of my list.
> • Questioned why a female co-worker knew my son from the golf course.
> • Was angry when I got my sons girlfriend maternity clothes for Mothers Day.
> • Accused me of being interested in women in my uncles nursing home.
> • Accused me of being interested in cashier at Cost Cutters.
> • Accused me of being interested in cashier at 7-11.
> • Accused me of not being at the golf course.
> • Accused me of not answering my phone, because I was on the other line with another woman.
> • When delayed in traffic, said she didn’t hear anything on the radio about it.
> • Wanted me to maintain constant eye contact when eating out.
> • Said I care more about my family than her when I wanted to take my parents out for their 50th wedding anniversary.
> • Could not be upset with her, without her bringing all the above up
> • I want to stress that I have never been unfaithful to her.

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