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Posted by Rev. Susan Trumblay on June 17, 2003 at 23:05:50:
In Reply to: Duel DIagnosis/Comorbidity stories of program rejection posted by Terence on April 24, 2003 at 21:36:03:

> Can I ever! I have experienced nothing but turndowns for treatment for a homeless young man (25yrs old), he was born a crack baby in Houston; adopted by parents who were not checked out by the system. The adoptive parents (heavy drinkers) abused him physically, mentally, verbally, and sexually.
As a result, he had mental problems from early childhood on. At age 12 or 14 he was removed from the adoptive home, and spent from then until age 18 in various mental facilities. He began using drugs and alcohol at age 8.
Even though they knew he could NOT function on his own, Child Protective Services released him to the streets, with NO money, no income, unable to work, and no place to live. He lived on the streets until I found him at age 21 - 4 years ago.
I have been looking after him
ever since then. He has Bipolar, Schizo, and depression as well as being drug dependent. I recently had to admit him to the State mental hospital. They initially stated that he was so BAD that he needed to be COURT COMMITTED - yet when they ran a drug screening - they turned around and released him 10 days later - he had tested positive for drugs - drugs given to him by a VISITOR who I warned them about, she has smuggled drugs into other facilities in the past!
When I admitted him, I was told that only the 2 people on the admit form would be allowed to visit! Yet they let her in 30 min. after I left! And then AFTER I warned them, they let her back in 4 more times! The staff admitted they knew they were using drugs in the visiting room! So he was released, and treatment for his mental problems stopped, because of the drug problem that THEY were responsible for!
Then I took him to MHMR to get treatment and to get refills for his medications, and when they saw the records from the State Hispital that he had tested POSITIVE for drugs, MHMR refused to see him anymore OR to refill his medications!
I have attempted to get him into various drug facilities, but when they learn he has mental problems, they slam the door in my face!
Since he has no income, and is unable to work due to the nature of his illness, as stated in the State Hospital records, he can't get halp!
I have checked on at least 50 places - they either treat MENTAL patients OR DRUG
Patients - but not both!
What I tried to explain to MHMR, is that is like refusing to help me because I am bleeding on your carpet. I will quit bleeding on your carpet when you treat me for the mangled leg I have. The drugs are NOT the problem, but rather an EFFECT - the CAUSE of the need for the DRUGS - is the mental illness that causes one to be unable to function, and in an effort to cope, they use drugs.
Treat and control the CAUSE (Mental Illness) and then you can begin to treat the EFFECT (Drug Use).
But, for some unknown reason, all the so called experts with their Cereal box Diplomas - can't seem to see this. So these people keep struggling - along with those of us who care about them.
I am willing to HELP build a facility to treat these DUAL DIAGNOSIS patients - anyone out there willing to help?

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