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Posted by Pam Sorenson on March 02, 2003 at 00:34:16:

After years of trying to help him with addiction, including psychatric evals that missed it, he was finally diagnosed. But not before ending up in the psychatric ward lockdown for a week.

This time, I thought I had lost him. I insisted that the doctors send for the Psyche eval when he was thirteen. They did and the signs were there. He was then diagnosed and put on meds. It is a long process and without the funds to get him proper treatment. It is necessary to ask for help. I have a website. www.outfromtheshadows.org
for this purpose.
I hope to start a non profit for scholarships targeting dually diagnosed young people. Insurance does not cover the long term residential treatment that is necessary for recovery and so many kids are being run through the treatment mill without getting help. My son was put out on the street after breaking the rules even though they knew he was suicidal.

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