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Posted by Lorie on January 13, 2003 at 23:25:39:
In Reply to: Dual Diagnosis posted by Lewty on November 28, 2002 at 22:02:04:

> My 31 year old son is a bipolar/alcoholic. We have had him hospitalized twice in alcoholic rehab. No one there will acknowledge the mental illness part of his problem. I have called all the "dual diagnosis" facilities on the WEB SITE and no one will take him because we live in Georgia.I am only able to talk with people who tell me to find something
> in the southeast and I CANNOT find any facility that is familiar with the Dual Diagnosis theory.

Believe me I KNOW all too well how frustrating our lovely "system" can be! My 35 yr old ex-boyfriend suffers from the exact same dual diagnosis! ONLY after 3 suicide attempts and several manic episodes could I finally convince the doctors he was MORE than "just an alcoholic"

LONG story short....I found a WONDERFUL program at UPMC Braddock Medical Center in Pittsburgh,PA. The program is brand new....called "living sober". Dr. Dennis Daley created it because there is such a huge demand for a facility to treat both aspects of their illness! Their # is 412-636-5151. They do AMAZING work there! Even if for some reason Pgh, PA is just too far, hopefully they can refer you to a facility closer to you?

Michael has only been there for two weeks and I have NEVER heard him sound so positive and actually relieved to understand this disease and gain the tools to manage it. Good therapy and proper meds help too!!

Point being, if you just REFUSE to give up....there is help out there. A great source of understanding and support has come throught the NDMDA (Ntl Depression Manic Depression Assoc). Even if just for you and your family....go to a meeting for support. Kinda like Alanon but for people like us, because their disease....makes us sick too! We ALL need recovery!

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. If it brings you any comfort, just KNOW you are not alone! It's sad that most of the hospitals/doctors in my area don't even know half the info I could easily find on the internet. Don't give up! There is still hope.....blessings of love and light to you and your family during your recovery and healing process!

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