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Posted by Anonymous on July 27, 2002 at 16:04:16:
In Reply to: Type II Diabetes posted by quality of life on July 27, 2002 at 16:03:54:

> Does your family have a history of disease cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, for examples. Then you are at risk!! If you do not know, ask!! You could also be at risk for other reasons including lifestyle.

> We live very stressful lives today. You should have the knowledge to live with the stress and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease.

> We really do not think about disease until it is diagnosed. Then come the major changes to try to live with the disease and the medications required. Lifestyle changes are mandatory at that point.

> Required lifestyle changes are basically the same to prevent many diseases. Why not learn those changes now and live a happy and healthy life.

> We offer 3-hour sessions on Sundays at the Marriott Denver West at I-70 and Marriott West Boulevard on August 11 and 25, Marriott Denver Tech Center off of I-25 and Belleview on August 18 and Marriott Southeast at I-25 and Hampden on September 1, 2002. Please choose your best date.

> Session topics covered are:

>  General Coverage
>  Potential Diseases Covered
>  General Symptoms of Disease
>  Disease Diagnosis
>  Risk Factors
>  Treatments
>  Diet
>  Dietary Supplements
>  Exercise
>  Stress Management
>  Disease Management
>  Medical Research
>  Timing of Research Delivery
>  Finding the Right Balance
>  Making the Best Decisions
>  Summary
> Fees are $69 paid in advance of the sessions. We need RSVP to make sure that we have adequate facilities for the sessions. Session sizes are limited so it is best to make reservations at the earliest possible date. Pay by Visa, MasterCard or check. Call 303-906-5556 or send correspondence to Quality of Life 8899 E. Prentice Ave, 3-208, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Please indicate your preferred date (and location). Each session starts at 1:00. We need your name, telephone number and address to confirm.

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