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Posted by Terrie McKamy on June 27, 2002 at 01:56:38:

I am a graduate student in a counseling program and have a few things I would like to say and receive feedback.

I feel such anger and sadness at the fact that there is still so much stigma associated with mental health issues.

Even after our country has experienced such trauma that sent many folks across the country to counselors, I still see discrimination and pregidious.

I personally have experienced discrimination from insurance companies that have refused to insure my daughter because we sought help for her after a suicide attempt. This was the exact thing that she was afraid might happen if we went to the hospital. They told us that it would be 5 years before she could be insured again. I can't understand how this is legal.

I feel that if we speak loudly and have a strong voice in government that change can occur.

What is your experience with the system and how do you see change ever happening.

Thank you for your responses
Terrie McKamy

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