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Posted by Anonymous on April 24, 2002 at 16:30:44:
In Reply to: Parent of 23 old son dual diagnosed posted by Nancy on December 05, 2000 at 23:22:45:

> I have been obtaining the best support from schizphrenia.com (parents board). If someone could make this bb more user friendly, I think it would grow immensely. Their are many people on sz.com that also have drug issues. I am my son's conservator now and have learned most of what I know on that board but would like to interact with others who are battling the drug issue. My son is paranoid sz and has done alcohol, pcp, marijuana and some type of meth that I know of. He was diagnosed two years ago. He was in a subacute facility for 6 months and did at least gain insight about meds, but everytime he does drugs, he quickly decompensates. He is currently on a waiting list for a dual diagnosis facility with the emphasis on substance abuse this time. The subacute had a dual unit, but at that time the emphasis was on getting him to realize he needed to take his meds. Unfortunately, he still didn't kick the drug issue. So I know that he can get better without street drugs and now we are at the crossroads of where I am trying not to be codependent, but always watching for relapse. He checked himself in last weekend (one good thing he learned),but is now anxious to get out and use, but I am having him stay at least a week.

> Hope you guys improve this bb. Parents on sz.com come to the board almost EVERY DAY. It is our mainline. Please check it out.

I am also a parent of a dual diagnosed son. schizophrenia/cocaine at this time.
He is currently in the hospital and we are looking for a really effective dual diagnosis place for him to recover. Been 5-6 years and wow what a struggle for us all. I will check out the parent page. Thanks.

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