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Posted by Mike on March 13, 2002 at 05:17:23:

I am currently experiencing an intensification process with my schizophrenia. Mainly anti-social symptoms. I hope this helps me and you. I think my sciz. started around 1979 when I was 10 y.o. In school, I sat away from everybody and looked at them through a mirror. Mom took me to the pediatrician because she claimed I was never happy. Doc warned me about smoking pot. I had heard of pot but had never smoked any, or done any other drugs at that point. I started on Winstons at age 11. By 15, I was drinking, smoking pot, & speeding daily, tripping on acid 2x/wk., and snorting Coke(occasional, too pricey!). this went on, and I tried more drugs along the way (Ill[pot& embalming fluid], I think, set me off). Getting T-totaled on a daily basis. I was 18 and rather mad. I remember symptoms like: isolating, hearing voices, thought broadcasting, (a lot of e.s.p. type symptoms) I managed to keep away from the nut house, but shortly after my 19th b-day I was committed. I remember doctors hooked me up to a whole different sort of drugs. I remember constantly o.d.-ing on artane, benadryl and others in addition to my street drugs and alcohol. So I did all that til I started having grand maul seizures. I knew it was time to stop. I went to N.A. for 2 years (23-25 y.o.). My brain is not very well and neither is my body. I am 33 y.o. I screwed up. Although I do reason well and am still partially intellegent at times. I have quite a few friends who affectionately call me "Crazy Mike", most of 'em don't know the half of it! I am allergic to most any type of drug, so I can't do them. Which is good. I think moderation or abstinance would have been the key. Thank You.

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