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Posted by Hilary on May 11, 2001 at 17:30:05:

My son has been court mandated to Renaissance project a long term drug treatment program in ellenville ny. He is diagnoised with bipolar and is a heavy pot smoker . For 2 months I have been trying to get him out of this prpgra, Because of his age the probabtion officer will not talk to me. I can get no info from the program he is in and have caught them in many lies. He is the youngest there and the only pot abuser. The rest of thepeople are long term older mostly ive drug useres who have been in and out of prison and different drug programs. I think they only posotive thing that would come of this is that my son might be "scared straight" however I don;t think it takes 12 months to do this. They keep mandated people evern longer becuase they collect money for them. I have tried to get a lawyer pro bono but cant find one. I have no money to pay one. My son does need treatment and has been in very short term programs that havent worked. He has also been in outpatient programs and still didnt stop getting high. This program is very severe and there is not therapy exceot for alot of screaming and punishment. I think my son might be scared enough to go to his old therapist, take his meds and to an out patient drug program after he has been in this program a few months. There are all sorts of things going on there that I find objectionable but cant say anything for fear that my son will be retliated against. The place is run by the addicts. My son has never done any drugs but pot. He is in a program I feel is geared for a hard core drug users. He is way out of his element there, I have even had a staff memeber there say that to me. Is there anyone who has been in a similiar situation who can give me some advice> I myself am disable and have no car. I am not even able to visit my son becuase it is 2 hrs away and too difficult to get to. I hope someone can help me I am frantic.. Please write me at the email address above thank you

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