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Posted by Julia on March 30, 2001 at 09:46:07:

I've had the opportunity to interview many dually diagnosed clients as a graduate student in alcohol and substance abuse counseling. Most of those who were initially diagnosed with a mental disorder 20 or more years ago have noted a dramatic shift in both thrapists' attiutudes toward them as individuals and the implementation of alternative(comprehensive)treatment protocols, particularly over the past decade. (This is consistent with the dawn of MICA trwatment programs in the mid 1980s). Anyway, I began doing independent research on the subject to determine the extent to which therapists perceptions of dual diagnosis clients influence treatment protocols and (ultimately)treatment outcomes. Are these clients still seen as "double trouble" as they were in years past? How many of them actually receive the comprehensive services? What are the treatment priorties of those working with this particular population? Do those priorties differ amongst psychiatrists, a/substance abuse counselors, social workers and others (MDs, psychologists, etc.) as much as they used to?

I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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