Network Security Laboratories, Inc. (NSLI), is a consulting firm specializing in information systems security. Founded in 1991 in metro Washington, DC, NSLI has built a singular reputation for offering clients a complete, balanced set of in-depth security engineering skills. We possess detailed, hands-on experience in all aspects of designing, building, and operating the secure network environment and the products that enable it to function.

Rather than vend ready-made security policies or perform superficial risk analyses, we do hard-core engineering. Some achievements of NSLI's engineers—who hold the world's most esteemed professional certifications—include: authoring the first multi-level secure relational DBMS engine to support ANSI SQL-II, polyinstantiation, and updatable views; completely reverse-engineering the Check Point FireWall-1 to support a Lucent LMF-to-FireWall 1 rules translator for extremely complex multi-vendor firewall constellations; playing key technical roles in the architecture, development, testing, and formal modeling and accreditation of several state-of-the-art Internet e-ppliances; prototyping the first ever object-oriented, multi-level secure guard for joint U.S. forces simulations; and exploring unusual applications of public key cryptography to distributed access control.

We also possess considerable expertise in the security evaluation, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and standards-based certification and accreditation of complex systems and networks. Our cleared engineers have been intimately involved in the formal evaluation of multi-level secure operating systems and unique defense platforms and have personally authored large tracts of the National Security Agency's "Rainbow Books" series of technical security interpretations. NSLI is uniquely able to practice what it preaches: we write the standards, build the systems, and objectively integrate the two—for an ever-growing audience of elated customers.

We are often retained by bleeding-edge startups to provide key design input at the principal architect level—a most unusual level of trust to place in a consultant, to say the least. We are also proud to have provided expert consulting services to Fortune 500 firms and to the cabinet level of the United States government. Our clients repeatedly choose us over larger, long-established providers for our quality of work, personalized attention, 100% on-time delivery, and breadth and depth of focused expertise.