HC Box 277
Tucson, Arizona 85735

FOUNDED:  ARDCO, Inc. emerged from WAIG Aircraft.  Kenny White, Clyde Alfred, Roger Iverson, and Gary Garrett established WAIG Aircraft in 1976.  In 1981, WAIG was dissolved.  Kenny White, Roger Iverson and Gary Garrett then formed ARDCO, Inc. in 1981.  Gary Garrett and Meegan Garret purchased ARDCO, Inc. in 1996.

GENERAL:  ARDCO, Inc. is an aerial firefighting company with its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.  They provide professional aerial firefighting services to the Federal Government throughout the United States.  ARDCO, Inc. supplies aircraft, support crews, and support equipment with each contract.

COMPANY OPERATIONS:  ARDCO, Inc. is a small, family run business that conducts aerial firefighting operations for the Forest Service.

AREAS CONTRACTED:  Lancaster, California; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; and McCall, Idaho.

FLEET (Types of aircraft):  One C-54D, one C-54E, one C-54G (super DC-4), one Piper Arrow support aircraft, one C-54E (not tanked).


Gary Garrett (President)
Meegan Garrett (Vice-President)
Pearson Taylor (Director of Maintenance)
voice (520) 883-4119
fax (520) 883-5878

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